Jumbo Roll Slitting or Rewinding

Jumbo rolls are never in use until and unless they are converted into required structure or size. There are limitations in the manufacturing industry where every product cannot be manufactured in order to individuals usage.

Keeping this in mind, at Pragati Slitters’ we provide customers with jumbo roll conversion. Where the jumbo rolls up to three meter width will be converted into require size rolls.

Ex: Consider you are having a jumbo roll of 500 mts (length) * 2 mts (width).

Q1. If you need of 100 mts (length) rolls of same material?

Ans: Rewinding of Jumbo roll is required. Where 500 mts is converted in 100 mts x 5 Rolls.

Q2. If you need of 50 mts (length) * 100 mm (Width)?

Ans: Here Rewinding and Slitting is required. Where fabric is slit into 100mm width and each 50 mts rolls are duely packed into different tubes.

For any customization in your jumbo rolls, please contact us.